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In addition to our skill sets, we have core competencies in the following areas. If you need to have a project manager to be onsite to discuss your requirements, please discuss it with us when you talk to us.
Web 2.0 Development
We were early to realize the potential of Ajax and other Web 2.0 technologies to revolutionize the internet world. We feel that technologies like Ajax are creating opportunities for businesses to improve the user experience of their customers and hence increase their value proposition. Due to this, we consider them to be a focus area for our company.

Being an early adopter of Ajax, we realized early on that in order to develop an Ajax site, the site has to be structured along the lines of the Model-View-Controller Pattern. Hence, all web development in our company is done using the MVC web framework that we have developed internally for developing complex Ajax-driven sites. (Our portfolio contains a sample of an ASP.NET web site that we have developed using our internal framework and Atlas ).

Apart from normal dynamic web sites, we can undertake the following Web 2.0 related projects:
  ASP.NET site development using Atlas (Microsoft’s Ajax Framework)
  ASP.NET site renovation to support Ajax.
  Ajax-oriented site using Ruby on Rails
Enterprise Desktop Applications
Whether you want to develop a full-fledged Smart Client application for your enterprise or just a simple tool to improve the day-to-day efficiency of one of your business processes, we can do it for you in the technology of your choosing - .NET, Java or any other Open Source technology. The enterprise applications of today have to be network-aware, scalable and secure. In fact, we have developed a full-fledged .NET Smart Client for investors and professional traders (see portfolio) that is a demonstration of our varied skills in this area. If you need to develop a .NET Smart Client using parts of the Enterprise Library or the Composite Application Block, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
Web Services Development
Whether you use .NET, Java or any other open source technology, if you need to make your application feature-rich with any of the popular Web APIs (Yahoo, Google, Amazon or EBay), we have experts on staff who can assist you to seamlessly integrate them with your application.
Open Source Development
Have you liked most of the features provided by an Open Source project but need to make modifications to suit your business needs? Look no further. We have in-house expertise in varied Open Source technologies that enables us to make changes to any Open Source project in optimal development time. Even if you are just looking for a low-cost solution to satisfy a business need, we can identify the appropriate Open Source project and modify it to suit your needs.
Mobile Applications
With the increase in the penetration of cell phones, PDAs and smart phones, it is extremely important that you have a presence on a mobile device to allow your users to be productive while on the move. Whether you want to port an existing Desktop or Web application to a mobile device or develop a product that seamlessly works and synchronizes across all platforms (Desktop, Web and Mobile), we can assist you in developing it.
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