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Development Process
We have the expertise in the various modern software development methodologies like structured development, UML, as well as agile development processes. However, we do not cling to any single one, as we sincerely believe that software development will differ with product complexity and the technologies used in the product development. We also understand that requirements change over time, and hence follow an iterative development process. We prefer to use our own standard iterative Product Development Model which we tailor to the type of the project on hand. Our Model builds quality into our software right from the start, so that we can deliver fully tested software at the end of each iteration, with a feature set which increases with each iteration to facilitate getting early feedback from the customer. To ensure quality software at the end of each iteration, we follow agile methods like unit testing and continuous integration.

Our Product Development Cycle gives us the following advantages:
  Software Quality incorporated from the start
  Incremental Development starting with precisely known features
  Iterative Development with fully tested software at the end of each iteration
  Optimum Development Time
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